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During my many months of illness I found that weight loss became my nemesis. What do you do when you can't eat for fear of pain and vomiting. How do I control this beast that strives to sap every ounce of my strength. I was helpless and unable to take enough calories to function. 
 I trawled the internet looking for advice but most searches came up with advice on how to loose weight, not gain it. I found that I could check my BMI (body mass index) online but when my result came out at 14 the advice I got was laughable. Why don't you try and eat more was the advice of my dietician! I was accused of having anorexia and sent to see a specialist. Of course they concluded that I was in no way anorexic....just sick! So here is a little info on what calories we need to be healthy and what happens when we can't achieve it.

Here is a link to a good BMI calculator:

You could also try some of the nutritional supplements from Nutricia : or

Table 1. Estimated Average Requirements for Energy
EAR - MJ/day (kcal/day) 
0-3 mo
 11-14 yr
4-6 mo
 15-18 yr
7-9 mo
 19-50 yr
10-12 mo
 51-59 yr
1-3 yr
 60-64 yr
4-6 yr
 65-74 yr
7-10 yr
 74+ yr
There are many health problems that are associated with being underweight. These include include mood disorders such as depression and irritability, fatigue, a diminished immune response, muscle weakness, anemia, and osteoporosis. These problems result not from the individual being underweight, but from them being malnourished and starved for calories, protein, vitamins and minerals. As a person continues to struggle with their low body weight, the short-term effects of being malnourished can lead to long-term or permanent health problems.
Further to this I personally have experienced hair loss, dental problems, fainting, hypothermia, dehydration, low potassium, interruption in periods, and the worst thing of all? I lost my career!
So don't be fooled into thinking that weight loss is the least of your worries, it's actually the one thing guaranteed to stop you in your tracks.

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