Sunday, 28 April 2013

Surgery and the aftermath!

I'm not up to writing a long post right now but I wanted to update everyone because my inbox is full lol.

I had surgery last Wednesday (17th) to have my gallbladder &pacemaker removed and to get a new jejunostomy tube for my medication. I was supposed to be here for 2 days but as you can tell, I'm still here 11 days later with no sign of being anywhere near ready to go home.

The surgery itself went ok and a subsequent CT scan confirmed that structurally everything is ok. However, since the surgery I have been vomiting. Not just a little, I'm talking anything up to 3 litres in 24 hrs. They have no idea why this has happened or how to make it stop. I'm on 3 different types of anti-sickness meds yet it just won't stop. Sleep is becoming a big issue as I'm up most of the night with it. Of course lack of sleep with the added nausea and vomiting have put me on a real downer.

they are finding it hard to get enough fluid in to maintain hydration because my TPN runs for 12 hrs a day at a fixed rate leaving 12precious hours to cram in extra fluid. I have lost 8lb this week alone which is a real concern to me because I was more or less stable with my weight before I came in.

I'm waiting to see my physician tomorrow because so far I have been under the care of the surgical team who know little about my condition and are unable to offer advice on how to address the matter. My surgeon came the other day and said its possible that this will be my new "normal" but I just can't accept that! I hate the way they give up so easily when they don't know what to do.

I will post again soon if I'm up to it and let you know if there's any progress x

Love and hugs to all my friends and members of the GIFT support group for all your lovely messages, you keep me strong and for that I am eternally grateful xxxxx