Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Please help me to create a useful resource for people who suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders. Your comments would be most valued. I would like to hear from anyone who suffers with pain after eating, unexplained vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome or general stomach pain on a regular basis.

I would also like to hear from people who are unable to eat for medical reasons and are either living off supplements or fed through a tube (PEG). It would be great to hear your stories and how you cope.

After 10 months of pain I finally have an answer! I have now been formally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and would love to hear from other people with this condition.


Please post any comments or suggestions you have below. Unfortunately I can't enable comments on individual pages, I'm still learning lol.

weight loss

The main issue faced by many people suffering from unexplained abdominal pain is, weight loss. I have spent many hours searching the internet for information on BMI (body mass index) and advice on how to gain weight when eating becomes a problem. I have, to my amazement found an abundance of information for people who have a high BMI and need to loose weight. Yet those who are seriously underweight seem to have been forgotten. There is very little information on the health risks of having a low BMI which is something I aim to look into and post on this site.
I would love to hear from anyone who has been diagnosed with;

Functional vomiting
Functional dyspepsia
Post prandial distress syndrome

Maybe you would be kind enough to share your experiences on this page so that together we can build a resource for people who are looking for answers.

If you are suffering with upper abdominal (stomach) pain and have been sent away by your GP I would also like to hear from you....what ever your story please feel free to share x