Finally, after 15 months of searching for a firm diagnosis for my crazy digestive disorder I can now confirm that, it is indeed, Gastroparesis! I'm not a nutter after all! I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is to have an explanation for the pain and suffering I have endured for so long now. It opens some new windows for treatment but they are still unsure as to whether it will ever go away. So I just keep taking the pills (of which there are many!) and hope that we can kick start my body into working well again. Only time will tell now.

I hope to develop this page over the next few weeks and would love to hear from anyone with any good advice or fist hand experience of living with Gastroparesis/Delayed gastric emptying. Please email me at : if you would like to get involved or share your story.

Here is an excellent article explaining the possible causes and treatment for Gastroparesis. You will need to register with the site in order to read the article but it is FREE and once you have done that you can search for other articles relevant to you.

Also take a look at my posts "what to do if you think you have gastroparesis #parts 1,2 & 3"

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